Here’s another trailer for the new Boss in Diapers movie

One of the main hooks of A boss in diapers is that its protagonist is a baby entrepreneur, so naturally the new trailer for the sequel has as one of its main points the transformation of Ted into a baby.

Keep in mind that the The Boss Baby: Family Business movie will start when Ted and Tim are adults and have grown apart due to life circumstances. However, eventually Tim’s daughter will reveal that she too is in the Baby Corp family business and will help her father and uncle transform into children again.

But Tim’s daughter Tina isn’t doing this just for fun and the trio must embark on an adventure to find out what Dr. Erwin Armstrong is up to.

The Boss Baby: Family Business will be directed by Tom McGrath and its English cast will feature James Marsden as Tim, Alec Baldwin as Ted, Ariana Greenblatt as Tabitha, Amy Sedaris as Tina, Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Erwin Armstrong and Eva Longoria as Carol, among others.

The premiere of The Boss Baby: Family Business is set for July 2 in available theaters and Peacock streaming in the United States.